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As a church Family SCC will be going to this year's REVIVE run by our Network of churches Co-mission.



We really want to make REVIVE possible for every regular and family member at SCC to go, so, as with so much of SCC life we want to SHARE like the early church did in Acts 4:32. The way we do this for REVIVE is by using discount codes to get between 25% and 75% off your booking. These codes have been sent round via email and WhatsApp or get in touch with our rep Penny D who can send them to you and answer any queries. 

A taste of REVIVE.....


Become a REVIVE supporter

For those who are able, we want to encourage you to give to the REVIVE supporter fund. To do this you need to add a 'REVIVE supporter Gift' when you buy your ticket and direct the donation 'to my church family'. This can be as little as £10 - every pound helps! This means your donation will directly support those who use our supported discount codes. Thank you!

Become part of Team REVIVE

REVIVE cannot happen without a massive team of volunteers. You can opt in to volunteer when you book. Plus the media, stewarding and cafe teams get £40 off the ticket price and the kids, youth, tech and site teams get £90 off. 

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