Thursday 14th April 


Join us as we retell the Traditional Jewish Passover Meal as Jesus’ followers in homes around Streatham.

It was just before the Passover Festival. Jesus knew that the hour had come for him to leave this world and go to the Father. Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end. - John 13:1


Jesus sat down for the Passover meal the night before he died with his disciples. During that meal, he reveals to them that the Passover which they have been celebrating year after year ultimately points to Him. We want to experience this special meal together, which helps us understand the richness of Jewish history, and how the whole of the Old Testament points to Jesus. Without what is represented in this meal, we would not be able to access the greatest gift ever offered. 


So, on Thursday 14th April, a number of Passover Meals will be held across Streatham, and we’d love you to get involved, either as a host, or joining a host family. 

The evening will include reflecting on the Passover celebration through a traditional Jewish Seder Plate and sharing a meal. Food can either be provided by a local caterer who will deliver a 2-course meal and Seder items for £12/head (£10 for children) to your door, or if you prefer you can coordinate the meal and Seder elements amongst your host group!

To sign up to host or be hosted, please fill out the host form below.


  • For more information about what is involved in catering, please visit this document.

  • For the elements included in the evening itself, have a look at this document.


Friday 15th April 10am



Join all the Love Streatham Churches as we share the Good News of Jesus this Easter.

Join Ichthus and Love Streatham Churches on Good Friday. Gather at Ichthus Southcroft Church 276 Mitcham Lane, SW16 6NU from 10am sharp to march, raise worship, pray and share the Good News of Jesus…to join with Streatham churches for a special service at 11am on Streatham Green to proclaim the Good News of Jesus’s amazing sacrifice. 

Featuring: Ichthus Youth, live worship and testimony.

Don’t miss it!


Sunday 17th April 10am


Join Streatham Central Church at Henry Cavendish School for an immersive Easter story. Don't let this familiar story lose its wonder. 


We welcome children and adults alike to re-immerse themselves into key scenes of the Easter story. 


Join the triumphant entry into Jerusalem with Jesus as we parade into our gathering with palm branches, break bread with the disciples at the last supper, watch Jesus in the garden before he is arrested, join with those shouting for him to be crucified while he stands on trial and watch the disciples meet Jesus after he has risen. 


Time for chats, crafts, coffee and snacks after the gathering.