Passover Meal Delivery

Our Meal Delivery Option:

Delivered chilled to be stored in the fridge until warming on the stove or in the microwave:

Main Course: Slow cooked lamb and butternut tagine (S, C, N, Mu)

Vegetarian Main Course: Roast root vegetable tagine with apricots and preserved lemon (Vg, Mu)

Side Dishes (to be served cold): couscous, red pepper and feta salad (V, G, Mi), with fresh herb tabbouleh (V, G)

Dessert (to be served cold): Slices of Spiced orange syrup cake (V, G, N, E), with crème fraiche (V, Mi)

Allergen information is provided in brackets above but please be in touch at as it may be possible to accommodate other dietary requirements.

(V) = vegetarian, (Vg) = vegan, (G) = Contains gluten-containing cereals,

(Mi) = Contains milk, (S) = Contains sulphites/sulphur dioxide (C) = Contains celery,

(N) = Contains nuts (almonds), (E) = Contains eggs, (Mu) = Contains mustard


£10 per portion


Free Seder Plate Accompaniments: Karpas, maror, charoseth, chazeret, chagigah and zeroah. 

Matzah Crackers

Thank you for showing interest in our Passover Meal delivery, please fill in the details below and submit if you would like yours delivered in time for the

On-line Passover Meal Retold.

There will be someone in to receive our delivery 9am-11:30am on Friday 2nd April (we will be in touch to arrange another delivery if this is not suitable for you)