Passover meal retold

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What do I need to prepare for the Passover Meal?


You are welcome to join in as much or as little as you like so do not feel any pressure to prepare these items.


The Seder Plate 

(you can buy/make your own ceremonial plate or use an ordinary plate/tray)

If you have ordered the Passover Meal Delivery, these items will also be provided

1) Karpas (Greens)

  • parsley or other greens that you’ll dip in the salt water 

2) Maror (Bitter Herbs, normally raw Horseradish)

  • warning raw horseradish is very spicy and it’s supposed to make you cry!

3) Charoseth (“Mortar” made of Apple, Nuts & Cinnamon)

4) Chazeret (Bitter Root)

  • onion or other root vegetable (you won’t eat this)

5) Chagigah (Festival Sacrifice – Egg)

  • a roasted hard-boiled egg (you can roast it or just char it with a candle or a match)

6) Zeroah (The Arm – Lamb Bone)

  • lamb or roasted chicken leg bone (a roasted beetroot is a vegetarian alternative)


Other Table Items

1) A Matzah Tash 

  • A Matzah Tash is a special three-pocket bag you can buy designed to hold three untouched matzah on passover, or you can just layer 4 napkins with the three matzah inside. If you have ordered the Passover Meal Delivery the Matzah crackers will be provided

2) A bowl of salt water.

  • This can be small and is simply for dipping the Karpas

3) A wine glass for each person. 

  • Each participant will drink four cups (or sips like a ‘toast’) of red wine or red grape juice during the Seder.

4) An extra space at the table.

  • Lay an extra space “for Elijah the Prophet” including cutlery and and crockery

5) A candle to light

6) Cushions on every chair