Virtual gatherings 

The importance of meeting as a church is to encourage one another, sitting at the Lord’s feet together in dependence on Him, learning, praising and worshiping together. So, now church gatherings are no longer recommended due to the risk of spreading Covid-19 we are wanting to offer at least some of what church does on a weekly basis.

On Sunday at 10am we will virtually gather. Please download zoom and attend using this link:

When you click the link you will be prompted for a password. To obtain the password either:

  1. Email 

  2. Message 07544 363 632

  3. Or ask a friend at the church 

Every day there will be a virtual gathering to share encouragement and prayer requests. 

Friday: 9-9:30am (Love Streatham focused) 

Sunday: 10-11.30am

Our facebook page and website will be sharing a regular blog with inspirations and encouragements. You can also find recordings of all our virtual gathers and previous talks on our sermons page.

Some things to remember as we gather virtually:

Everyone will be experiencing the pandemic in a very different way, some will be facing real loss, others fear and worry for themselves or loved ones, others may be cynical or angry. We cannot pre-empt people’s reactions in an online forum, but we can help each other by listening and responding in love and full of grace. 

Needless to say, if anyone is not being respectful while in the virtual gathering, they can be privately and respectfully warned and/or removed by one of the hosts of the gathering. 

To use Zoom we recommend downloading it on your laptop or home computer as it functions much better than if you download it on your phone or tablet. Here are some tips for happy virtual gatherings:

1.     Make sure your internet connection is good and your battery plugged in or well charged

 2.     Mute yourself unless you are sharing so that there is not too much background noise.      

3.     We will work it out as we go along so let’s take it all as it comes. Next week may change!

Do not give up ‘meeting’ together!

Zoom is by no means the only way to gather, please be encouraged to speak to each other on the phone, over text and with video calls. Keep an eye out for our brothers and sisters who will feel particularly isolated during this time.

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