I love this song. In my heart I can resist believing that God's opinion of me is good. As I think about my own children and what I wouldn't do to protect them, the lyric "I'm a child of God" forces me to rethink who I am and what I believe about my value to God. I hope as you listen to the song, that you'll appreciate what Jesus has done for us to make us children of God - Ed

Entitlement is a big joy killer. Lord, why aren't you doing ... [fill in the gap] ... for me? We can feel frustrated and like God isn't really looking out for us. But, as this song says, "This life I live is not my own, for my Redeemer paid the price. He called me to be his alone, to be his treasure and his prize."Read Galatians 2:20 and then have a listen this recording from Co mission's Revive festival in 2016 - Ed

The line in this song, "Jesus you don't owe me anything" stands out to me. As we worship God, it's possible to praise him for what we think he gives us, or to go to church because we think it will benefit us in some way. God never has to answer our prayers; we're never entitled to it. Strip that layer of self-service back and we are able to worship God more truly. The challenge of this song is, "nothing else will do". What we once thought of as gain, we now see as rubbish compared to the greatness of knowing Christ. (Philippians 3) - Ed