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Hi there.

We are a friendly local church in the heart of Streatham and we meet at Henry Cavendish School on Sunday mornings. 

We start at 10am with coffee and other refreshments as we move into a time of gathered worship. Everyone is welcome.

We have children's groups for 0-18 year olds after the first part of the gathering.  

Henry Cavendish School, Dingley Lane (Streatham Hill), SW16 1AZ

Click on the map below to open Google Maps to find your route.

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Find all our latest sermons here on YouTube  

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This is where we meet on Sundays, Henry Cavendish School in Streatham Hill (not Balham!). It's quite hard to find first time, but don't give up! Just type SW16 1AZ into to Google Maps which takes you to the bottom of Dingley Lane, where you'll see someone further up the lane to greet you.

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