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As a church Family SCC will be going to this year's REVIVE run by our Network of churches Co-mission.



Book between 18th February - 3rd March and use the code SCC24 to receive an early bird discount of £10.

We really want to make REVIVE possible for everyone to go, so please use the alternative provided codes using the link below, where you can request between 25%-100% off your booking. We don't want cost to be a barrier, so please use this option if you need to. 

A taste of REVIVE.....



Become a REVIVE supporter

For those who are able, we want to encourage you to give to the REVIVE supporter fund. To do this you need to add a 'REVIVE supporter Gift' when you buy your ticket and direct the donation 'to my church family'. This can be as little as £10 - every pound helps! This means your donation will directly support those who use our supported discount codes. Thank you!

Become part of Team REVIVE

REVIVE cannot happen without a massive team of volunteers. You can opt in to volunteer when you book. Plus the media, stewarding and cafe teams get £40 off the ticket price and the kids, youth, tech and site teams get £90 off. 

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