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Awesome Cutlery Family Devotionals

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Let me introduce to you the Awesome Cutlery Family Devotionals. We’ve used both the first and second volumes for our morning devotions, and we like to use our resources more than once, so we’ve been through them a couple of times with a different study guide in between. There are 24 devotions in each thin booklet (good for taking away with you).

You can use them whatever time in the day works for you but we find that with our 3 and 5 year old, that doing a devotion over breakfast or as we’re finishing breakfast works best for us. Each devotion has a starting prayer, an introductory icebreaker question, bible passage (NIV version) written out, a small number of questions and a prayer. On every page there is a quote from one or both of Captain Awesomeness or Cutlery Boy (the two silly characters in the Awesome Cutlery duo!) Occasionally there is a brain teaser or challenge too.

The Awesome Cutlery duo currently have two albums available: This is Awesome Cutlery (2016) and All Together Now (2019) and for each devotional, there is a song to listen along to which reinforces the teaching (and is brilliant!). The songs are fun, catchy, and the lyrics are simple enough for the kids to grasp some massively amazing biblical concepts. We’ve really enjoyed doing these together and the girls look forward to the next time we’ll use them for our bible study together. I always try to play the song at the end while we tidy up breakfast (dancing optional!) and sometimes we carry that into our getting dressed time. Or we play it later in the day. These CDs are great for the car too, they worked for the kids from age 3 onwards and are still doing us into the early school years.

I’m hoping we’ll get even more use out of these devotions and CDs over the next couple of years as we learn and deepen our knowledge of God together and get more out of the bible and songs. Now that our oldest can read, she is keen to read the Bible passages or questions herself, and this is brilliant-because I can eat my breakfast or enjoy my cuppa too!

The Awesome Cutlery strap line is ‘Helping families worship Jesus together’ and we can say with a thankful heart that they do help us do that. You can find their resources here at

We hope they might be a blessing to you too - Anna

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