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Calvary Hill - Si Knightly

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

It's time to tune into Si Knightly's debut track Calvary Hill. Hailed as having a "powerful gift of gospel storytelling" by author and theologian Andrew Wilson, and recognised to be in the vein of Shai Linne by UK urban music pioneer Efrem Buckle, new rap artist Si Knightly has cross-cultural appeal.

Calvary Hill is packed with rich lyrical theology, skillfully delivered through thoughtful and creative rhyme schemes. While the emotive narrative provokes deep thought, it also prompts a wonderful sense of hope in the glory of the cross. Here is a pinpoint clear display of some of what took place on that first Good Friday. This song was released earlier this year over Easter time to encourage believers at the time when Christians celebrate the Passion. Si reminds us that the Lord Jesus Christ came to the cross to die in our place for our sins. Jesus did this so that we could be forgiven and have a relationship with God.

Si recognises that at times like this, we see so much pain and suffering and death, but when we look to the cross, we see that God is not removed from those things. But actually familiar with those things. In Christ, he experiences suffering and pain and death itself. He goes through all of that because of his great love for us and his desire to save us. Si hopes that this track will speak to those who listen, that it will bring hope as we see how much love God has for this world and you personally.

If you are left wanting more, Si released The Third Day on Easter Sunday ( In The Third Day, the uplifting melodic rhythm, soulful female vocal and joyful expression of

Christ's victorious resurrection will delight listeners as they consider the wonder of the Easter story. Andrew Wilson comments: "Si Knightly's powerful gift of gospel storytelling is brilliantly complemented by his delivery. Expressing profound Biblical truths through eloquent rhymes, he

has the wonderful ability to engage your mind, heart, soul and musical ear all at once." Efrem Buckle adds: "The musicality of the classically soulful hip-hop stylings are one thing, but I am especially encouraged and excited by his content; clearly heralding a resurgence of UK lyrical theology."

This song is to remind us how Christians worldwide joyfully celebrate Christ's resurrection when Christ was raised from the dead. He wants us to see from the eyewitness accounts that Jesus appeared to Mary then the other disciples and then a further 500 people. He was there in the flesh; he wasn't a ghost; they touched him; they ate with him - he was physically raised from the dead.

This gave his followers eternal hope and indeed gives Christ's followers today that same eternal hope that death is not the end. Death is dead - our greatest enemy is dead! That eternal life beyond the grave is available through Jesus Christ. That Christ is with us now as we journey through life. It gives us hope that we can trust his words. The one who said to a grieving friend "I am the Resurrection and the Life." And then proved it on that first Easter Sunday.

Si grew up in the local area and spent much of his youth in Streatham. He went to Holy Redeemer Church in Streatham, one of our gospel partners. Over the years I've known him I'm grateful for how God has shaped him and kept him in relationship with God.

Si is releasing his third single "None Like Him" featuring Dayper September the 18th - Sim

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