Ordinary Mum Extraordinary Mission

Updated: May 9, 2020

Ordinary Mum Extraordinary Mission by Anna France-Williams & Joy French

Does anyone jump for joy at the prospect of sweeping the kitchen floor yet again? Is my existence only about keeping on top of the washing, cooking and cleaning? Didn't I have hopes for reaching out to others with the Gospel? But now I don't have the energy, let alone the head space to do so. Ordinary Mum Extraordinary Mission is written for you. Here two mums explore what mission looks like for a normal mum. 'Because however ordinary we are, we serve an extraordinary God and he calls us all to be a part of his mission to transform the earth, bring his kingdom, redeem a new humanity and build his church'. Be encouraged by this practical and honest book, to look afresh on your 'ordinary' status as something to embrace for the furthering of God's Kingdom - Lucy

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