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Eternal Covenant - Dave Fellingham

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Something within all of us wants us to be recognised, loved and valued. Here is a song which helps us sing truth into the lies we believe about ourselves.

David Fellingham’s timeless classic Eternal Covenant is based on the mind-blowing truths of Ephesians 1. The song teaches us about God’s infinite character; it is like a glimpse into the blueprint of his salvation story. God has chosen us. Breathe it in. God has chosen you. Not on a whim, a fleeting desire or a time-bound fad, He chose you before the beginning of time. He has called us out of the miry depths of our life for a purpose. The God who chose to enter time and space to save humanity is drawing the heart of humanity to him. Not the reprogramming of a robot, but drawing the heart, the inner desires - he is enlightening us to what genuine love is. Humanity is drawn into his redemption plan; we are incapable of freeing ourselves from the bondage of sin, so we require someone else to pay the price.

As Christians, we are not just saved from sin, but saved for a new and fuller life with him. In Christ, our sins are paid for, and in Christ, we are risen with him. And because we are united with Christ, God looks on us with the same affection he has for his Son. God has chosen us knowing what we are like and will be like, he has loved us despite our unfaithful attitude to him, and he has valued us as dearly as his own Son causing us to be welcomed as adopted kids into his family. We are eternally secure in his love.

The song is beautifully crafted together with a magnetic international instrumentation and adept harmonisation. The vocals are sung by pop legend David Grant who is from Pop Idol, Fame Academy and has worked alongside the Spice Girls, Take That, S Club and Will Young, just to name a few. Journalist Dave Roberts once described Dave Fellingham as “the modern-day Isaac Watts”, but the current generation may be unaware of his music or influence. Still, they might likely have encountered some of the fruit of his work. Terry Virgo described him as “a wonderful father figure to a number of the young musicians, and has been outstanding in giving them space, encouraging them through helping them hone their gift”. He’s been a spiritual father to many of the creative community within the church working with many now established church musicians such as Stuart Townend, Kate Simmonds, Paul Oakley, Lou Fellingham, Phatfish, Simon Branding, Sam Cox and Mark Edwards. In a Cross Rhythms article, James Attlee wrote “he is rightly tagged as a Renaissance Man, but the renaissance he is involved in does not look back for its inspiration to the art and philosophy of the classical world. Instead, Dave has rediscovered the Biblical mandate for artistic expression and in so doing, hopes to trigger an explosion of creativity that will extend beyond the boundaries of the church, and make a real and positive contribution in twentieth-century culture.” Often after Terry Virgo preached, Dave would compose a song in response. It’s incredible that they sounded like they have been toiled over for years. I think this is partly due to years of working in the highly competitive secular music world, which he, of course, continues to be a part of today.

The song has changed the hearts of many over the decades, being performed before crowds of hundreds of thousands in stadiums in Korea, Brazil, the UK and the US. My prayer is that the truths of the words will also impact your heart as you listen today.

So, smash the play button, turn it up and slip on your dancing shoes. The truths in this song will set your soul alive - Sim


Down through time has been declared;

Drawing the heart of man

Into redemption’s plan,

Mercy and grace revealed,

By the blood and Spirit sealed.

All our sins have been forgiven,

Raised from death to heights of heaven.

And we’re living to the praise of His glory,

Eternally secure in His love;

The eyes of our hearts have been opened

To receive the blessing of God.

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