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Heart Runs

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

John Mark McMillan wrote "Heart Runs" as an honest meditation on Psalm 42. The beating heart of the song is around the idea that ultimately everyone's wants and desires are found in Jesus. All of humanity is chasing after Jesus but doesn't realise it. He perfectly fulfils and brings satisfaction. For all our searching, our desires to be loved, to produce something of worth, to leave a footprint of legacy - Jesus is the answer to all of that. It is like being reborn or coming back to life. John also grapples with the tension of how in daily life, it doesn't always feel that way. It is difficult to honestly say that all we want in life is Jesus because of all the competing desires fighting for our affection. But this song is trying to make us feel that all those other things are a means to search for Jesus. Not that the way to know God is through our flawed desires, but those affections are us crying for deeper meaning and satisfaction in our life. Jesus promises that in Him, we can live life to the full. And the more we come to him we realise how much he is for us, his love for us is seen in his choice to go through mortal agony for our sake. And so we come to him like a thirsty animal in the desert. The Psalmist is downcast and under-pressure to give up on their true love. This felt particularly pertinent in this season as many are examining what is important in their lives. In this profound time of questioning, some will be under pressure to lose their faith, where others will be asking what is really of worth at this time. As the Psalmist encourages their soul to look up, so the song cries out for our hearts to be realigned to the one who truly satisfies. The enjoyment of God is the only happiness with which our souls can be satisfied. We were formed from the dust, and we are drawn daily from the dirt into what we are called to be. In the same way that the Spirit breathes life into this dust in creation, so also does He daily breathe life into us to call us into what we are meant to be. The song recognises that we are tricked into thinking we want things that are not always good for us. Sometimes it is hard, but God wants what is best for us and knows our situation better than we could - Sim

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